Huahai US Office

Our production facility occupies an area of 8.6 million square foot, and has ~4000 employees working globally. We have granted a designation as China’s National Key Hi-tech Enterprise, China’s National Pilot Enterprise of Innovation, and China's top 500 private enterprises. We also have been designated as a "State Certified Enterprise Technology Center".Huahai US Inc., is the largest supplier of ‘pril’ products worldwide, with an annual production capacity far exceeding our competitors. "We are also the only manufacturer that can realize commercial production of Captopril, Enalapril and Lisinopril at the same time. . The prils boast absolute advantages in International markets in terms of production scale, product quality, technological skills and R&D.

Huahai US Inc. can also provide services including medicinal chemistry, contract manufacturing, and custom generic API and Intermediate manufacturing to meet our customer’s requirements.

Medicinal Chemistry Services:

  • Synthesis of analogues, intermediates, metabolites and reference compounds
  • SAR development and lead optimization
  • Focused library synthesis
  • Scale up of lead compounds and intermediates
  • Fixed or flexible FTE; project based services
  • Over 600 unique building blocks and scaffolds for drug discovery

Contract Manufacturing Services:

  • Route design, evaluation and selection
  • Process optimization
  • Tech transfer with existing processes
  • Catalysts screening and optimization
  • Process safety assessment
  • GMP manufacturing of APIs and intermediates from grams to tons quantities

Generic APIs and Intermediates:

  • Over 40 API products in commercial supply
  • 50 DMFs, over 30 EDMFs filed; 16 COS granted
  • 5 – 7 DMFs scheduled for filing in 2013
  • Over 40 API products in development pipeline
  • Two FDA approved cGMP manufacturing sites with total capacity of over 2700 tons/yr
  • Vertical integration from simple chemical starting materials